Our conception of consulting is to put human resources at the service of the company’s operations and strategic purposes. We focus on operational aspects by targeting concrete objectives in order to enable our customers to take ownership of the implemented solutions.


Our areas of expertise: implementation of HR strategies and operational tools, support for mobility within the company, revitalization of employment areas, support during growth phase…
Our nature is such that we enjoy confronting new issues.

We intervene to make your decision-making more reliable, whether to adjust your compensation strategy, improve your communication and HR policies, manage mobility, evaluate a targeted company’s human assets…

Social climate audit

An optimal tool for you to perform a “heat check” and to implement an effective and targeted communication, the social climate audit is a privileged lever to help your organization evolve while responding to your employees’ expectations
Our interventions are built around three key phases:
  • Framing the mission with company management: understanding its context, defining its objectives, targeting the solicited collaborators, developing its associated communication
  • Creating the audit tool, administering it and analyzing the results with the objectivity that our external advisory position gives us
  • Restoring results: highlighting an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying the available levers, suggesting appropriate action plans

The decision to carry out a social climate audit implies a real desire for transformation and dialogue. It must be followed by an action plan and targeted communication in order to promote employee involvement, implement talent-retention policies and promote thoughtful and targeted change.

Its use is particularly pertinent in contexts such as that of a buyout, a growth crisis, a change in management, and more generally of changes to the status quo.


Our assessments make it possible to carry out an objective evaluation of the skills and potential of your candidates, whether during internal mobility processes or external recruitment sessions.


Over the course of a half-day, we lead your candidates through a table scenario, role-playing, a personality test and a motivational interview. These tools allow us to carry out an evaluation based on facts and spontaneous behaviors.
Stakes :

  • Enhancing the reliability of your recruiting
  • Carrying out a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of critical skills
  • Identifying the candidates’ training or support needs in order to promote their integration and development
  • Detecting (high) potential


Whether carried out to adapt a compensation strategy, to remain attractive to new recruits, or to change the blend of packages (fixed/variable, taxed/tax-free, shareholding/benefits), a compensation study is a powerful tool to evolve or validate your company’s wage policy.


We have specialized for many years in the analysis of compensation formulas for high-potential environments, in particular for consulting firms.


Our highly detailed knowledge of these environments, combined with renewed field studies during each and every mission, allows us to carry out extremely precise analyses – analyses that focus on companies targeted by our clients.

Case Studies