Our vision

Recruitment is above all an intuitu personae matter; we therefore put great emphasis on our intuition to encourage encounters between a candidate — a path, a personality, a unique skill set — and a company — a need, a history, a culture.


We do not sell the best company in the world to a candidate, nor the perfect candidate to a company. In-depth knowledge of our clients, proximity, transparency, trust and true talk are the levers on which we lean

We identify and select the best professionals to join our clients’ particularly demanding and changing environments — those of consulting firms in particular.

Our key success factors

  • Our team of researchers has been with us for many years, since the creation of WIT for some.
  • We are present at every step of the recruitment process — alongside the candidate and in consultation with our clients.
  • We answer all applications and carry out actual debriefings with the candidates. This serves to reinforce both our image and that of the companies we represent.
  • We take on the role of coach during the interviews in order to detect candidates’ true motivations, the source of their drive and the accuracy of our research.
  • We use evaluation tools adapted to the profiles and expectations of our clients: business cases, personality tests…
  • According to demand and in keeping with all ethical guidelines, we verify references.
  • We carry out systematic integration follow-ups.

Expertise in consulting firms

We conduct ongoing research by directly approaching people with the profiles of potential associate directors and consultants.


Thanks to a robust network, formed since the creation of WIT Associés, a database of more than 15,000 candidates, researchers specializing in this niche market (and armed with unmatched/unmatchable patience), we benefit from real recognition and either work or have worked for the biggest names in the field.We evaluate candidates through case studies, tailored to each client. We thus select our candidates on truly objective criteria, in line with our clients’ recruitment practices.

Ethics and deontology

Two major values underpin our approach to recruitment: belief in the potential of individuals and the notion of fairness.
We have thus chosen to place our bets on “fair and sustainable” recruitment: fostering diversity, recruiting on objective criteria, assessing competencies, respecting candidates, making frank restitutions, not overselling a candidate, maintaining an advisory position throughout the process…


We are signatories of the diversity charter since the creation of WIT Associés and meticulously respect the principles of the responsible recruitment charter as well as of the Syntec Conseil charter of recruitment ethics.

Case Studies