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At the heart of our approach to coaching :

  • Belief in the potential of individuals.
  • The belief that through behavioral action it is possible to have a rapid impact on patterns of thought and, thus, to modify them durably.
  • An observation — self-confidence is the key to many problems. The exercises and the scenarios we put forward allow candidates to experience the feeling of success, thus enhancing self-confidence.

We work with management and high-potentials to develop their leadership, improve their communication, help them take a step back, or work toward alignment and self-confidence. We also support management teams.

Our approach: a blend of approaches

In our coaching, whether individual or collective, we use tools borrowed from different schools and determine, based on the situation, which of them appear most relevant to the person and the objectives defined.

As an illustration, here is an overview of our “toolbox”:

  • NLP (neurolinguistic programming): to work on communication, goal-setting, changing patterns of thought and behavior.
  • Systemic: to reposition a problem in its context and the individual in their environment.
  • TA (transactional analysis): to address conflict situations or issues related to interpersonal relationships.
  • Appreciative inquiry — an innovative approach focusing on individual and collective strengths and successes, making it possible to formalize objectives, visions or strategies.
  • We also have a range of tools to investigate the personality: MBTI, 360°, Golden…

Individual stakes

  • Increase self-confidence and sense of legitimacy.
  • Sustainably develop managerial skills, leadership, ability to mobilize a team and to federate.
  • Handle a crisis and/or political stakes.
  • Ramp up impactful communication.
  • Move past any feelings of loneliness, take a bird’s-eye view.
  • Define a clear vision, strategy and action plan.

Our key success factors

  • Conducting tripartite meetings at the beginning and end of coaching
  • Setting measurable goals
  • Practicing coaching rooted in professional life
  • Focusing on transparency and true talk
  • Our various roles — as entrepreneurs, coaches, managers and administrators — accelerate the forming of the relationship with the coached person

Case Studies