Born of a moment of collective thought, WIT Associés was created around pizzas spread across a coffee table.
The project was driven by a common desire to work on motivating subjects in an environment that needed to be equally so.


The business took form around reference clients and inspiring start-ups. First in 2008 with talent management consultancy (for A.T. Kearney, Greenwich — now EY, BCG), then by quickly taking on challenging recruitment missions in the same sector, coaching high-potentials as of 2010, and joining stimulating HR support projects with innovative midcaps in the following years.


Today, we derive our motivation from the demanding environments in which we collaborate, in an entrepreneurial, direct and benevolent spirit.


WIT Associés and its employees are continuously growing through various initiatives, always keeping in mind the desire to flourish that was the very foundation of our project.


Direct approach, coaching of management and executive committees, HR diagnostics, all in challenging and ever-changing environments: this sums up, probably too briefly, our interventions.


Our activity naturally developed alongside companies employing high-level resources — and able to offer them rapid development paths.

We now work for strategic or management consulting firms, start-ups or FAMGA-type technology companies, investment funds and their shareholdings, management companies, audit firms, large groups as part of high-potential program.


We also enjoy thinking about new topics, without preconceptions.


Géraldine Bornand

Géraldine detests routine, and it is that constant quest for innovative solutions that led her to create WIT Associés. A former wealth management banker and direct approach consultant, Géraldine developed the company’s HR consulting business. Open and curious, her need for variety is partially sated by the eclecticism of consulting missions, recruiting and coaching. Seemingly placid, truly secret, frequently turning up where she is least expected, she enjoys rising to a challenge, playing piano and drinking strong cocktails. Géraldine is a psychologist, a graduate of Psycho’Prat, and has been certified as a coach by the HEC Executive Coaching program.

Rafaël Vivier

An expert in the consulting market, Rafaël developed our company’s offerings for consulting firms. Specializing in the recruitment and support of high-potentials, he has dual experience in direct approach and general management consulting, in part gained at Roland Berger. He likes contemporary art, the Parisian East, the singer Barbara (and Chantal Goya for her humanist writings). His eager impertinence leads to his regularly putting his foot in it. Rafaël has been certified as a coach by the HEC Executive Coaching program and graduated from EDHEC. Eclectic and hands-on, he takes on numerous entrepreneurial activities, corporate management and interventions in prestigious business schools.

Why "WIT" ?

The recurring question since the creation of WIT Associés — more common even than why carrots or why frogs — is why “WIT”? In order to end the suspense and quench the curiosity of some, here is the answer.


When we embarked on this adventure, we did not want the company to bear our names — the industry norm — it seemed too pompous, too egocentric. We wanted an Anglo-Saxon sounding name, but we also wanted to keep our French touch. After a few well-imbibed hours of passionate and far-fetched discussions, WIT staked its claim. The name was short, easy to remember, and its pronunciation close to oui, the French “yes”, gave it a certain moxie. The word’s English meaning was enough to win the day — yes, WIT is borrowed from the language of Shakespeare. And ever since, we have striven to live up to the name.

And also...

As a result of our perpetual search for opportunities and eagerness to embark on new entrepreneurial projects, we have developed the site The idea came from seeing the shortcomings presented by some résumés (spelling mistakes, layout, excessive length, unfortunate desires for an “original” CV, etc.) and even more so from observing the impact of these shortcomings on our clients, who would never have met with certain candidates if their applications had not been pushed in other ways. In addition to résumé corrections, breakdowns and translations, CCV also offers career coaching and mock interviews.



The lack of an independent French-speaking site devoted to the field of strategy consulting convinced us that it was necessary to create a dedicated platform where useful information on the sector could be found, whether by candidates, consultants or potential clients. We therefore launched Consultor in 2010, with a third partner. Our goal was to build a true community, a place for exchanges and thought-sharing. Today, is the inescapable reference in the sector.